Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Jack Canfield, co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series.  (Yeah… the series that’s sold over 500 million copies!)

He offered some great stories and ideas in a short time.  Here are my favorite 3.

1. When someone says “no,” you say “next!”

He can say this with authority because he and Mark Victor Hanson were turned down by 144 publishers before someone finally said “yes” to the Chicken Soup for the Soul concept. So they had to say “NEXT” a lot as they were moving towards the dream of publishing.

2.  “Inverse Paranoid.”

Many of us run around and act as if the world is always plotting against us.

Sure… we may not think that consciously… but we might be thinking it sub-consciously.  Need proof?  Think about the last time you were tempted to try something new, but stopped short because you were worried about what people might think.  You were concerned that you might get kicked out of “the tribe” because you screwed up, fell short or embarrassed yourself.  (Ever been there?  I know I have.)  We’re paranoid… so we stop.

Jack talked about the “inverse paranoid.”

He asked, “What if we acted as if the world was plotting do good?”

Here’s an example of how it might work.  What if you’ve always wanted to take a pottery class but you’ve never made the time?  Maybe it was your busy schedule… but maybe it was also a little of “What will people think?”

If we used the “inverse paranoid” approach… instead of worrying about what people might think… you choose to anticipate that people might celebrate it (because some might).  Or… instead of worrying about being judged, you think that you might just inspire someone else to pursue a dream or a goal in their own life (because someone might).  Yeah… the “inverse paranoid.”  I dig it.  You dig it?

3. Your “Daily 5 and 1”

Jack talked about writing down 5 things that could move you closer to a goal… daily.

Some might be big ideas… and some might be what we call “small but significant steps.”  The key is to write down 5 a day.

He admitted that you might not choose to act on all of them… but just that very exercise of coming up with 5 will train your brain to be thinking about options and looking for opportunities.  Then keep the growing list close… and choose to act on one of them a day.  That’s right… just one.  Hence… the “daily 5 and 1.”

Simple. Powerful. Amen?

So… what’s one of your “Daily 5” today?

Click comments and let us know.


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  • Right on target again, Mitch, as always. And isn’t Jack Canfield just the best?

    When I’m embarking upon a new project and looking for people to participate, I always start with the one person I’m almost sure will turn me down. If they say yes, then I’m happily surprised and motivated to move on, and if they say no, the first “no” is the hardest one…after that it’s easy!

  • I’m in the process of writing down my BIG DREAMS. I just red in a book that we should dream big, bigger that seems impossible for us to achieve. Then we partner with GOD, co-create with Him then it will be very possible. I like your strategy, the strategy…Your “Daily 5 in 1” because it is very applicable to me because I’m an observer and a thinker and ideas keep flowing on my mind, this will be a good strategy to record my ideas and act on them at the best time and the best mood. Thank you for sharing