The BIG Dream Gathering got it’s start back in 2006 when one of my big dreams was on the ropes.  I was out of time, out of options and out of money but thanks to the much needed encouragement and support that came from that first BDG, my dream got the boost it needed and I got back on track!

That’s why it’s so much fun to now be able to offer these “Dream Boost Scholarships!” 

Our goal is to give back AND inspire even more people to get clear on their dreams (big and small)!  With this round, TWO people will receive a scholarship of $2,500 and a mentor selected from our Advisory Team.

Help us decide:

Here are our finalists.  Check out their videos.

Be inspired by the heart and courage it takes to share a dream with the world.

Leave a comment.  Encourage them.  Let them know you’re rooting for them as they pursue their dreams.  Plus, let us know who you think should win.

We have a panel of judges helping us to decide… but we’ll take your thoughts into consideration as we’re making our final decisions.

On February 2nd, we’ll announce which TWO will receive our $2,500 scholarships!

Rebecca: Engineering Student w/ Dreams of Helping in Guatemala

Rebecca wants to travel with “Engineers without Borders” to help in a Guatemalan village.

Brittany: Dreams of Hiking with her Brother returning from Afghanistan

Brittany wants to hike through Europe with her brother when he returns from serving in the US Air Force.

Javon: Dreams of building a Hand-Crafted Pen Business

Javon wants to build a business and positively impact high school and college students.


Joanne: Dreams of Helping Returning Soldiers through the Arts

Joanne wants to create a program that will help returning soldiers to overcome challenges and thrive through exposure to the arts.


Leave a comment.  Encourage these awesome dreamers.

Let them know you’re pulling for them as they go after these awesome dreams.

Plus, share who you think should win the scholarships!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Lastly, if these dreamers have inspired you to think about your own dreams (big or small), why not get in the running for the next round of scholarships?  Simply Click Here to apply.

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  • I think Chuefeng Yang should be a recipient of this scholarship because music is timeless and moves the hearts in humanly ways. The sincerity, passion and hope that I saw in his eyes made me believe that he can bring the change he wants to see in the world through his music. Pursuing a dream in music is a big dream, and so I really hope that this scholarship will allow him to continue pushing towards fulfilling that big dream.

  • Chuefeng Yang!! You are such an inspiration and watching your video brought me to tears. I can see the struggles and hardships you must have gone through but look at you! Your fire is burning so strong!! Keep fighting for your dreams and good luck!

  • While all the stories are truly touching, Rebecca’s really stands out to me. She is dedicating her dream to others! What an incredible and selfless story.

  • Chuefeng, you’re a wonderful person and I can tell your dream of becoming a singer/songwriter will touch hearts and make the lives of others better. I fully support you in your quest. Make Theater 150 proud!

  • Chuefeng, your message really meant a lot ii could tell you are a fighter and dreamer. Dreams will always be made and you are truly a person i can tell will make it come true. Keep fighting strong and I hope you get this scholarship to help you go Forward and Onward.

  • Rebecca and the entire engineers without borders group are providing essential services for a community in need. She and her worthy endeavor are extraordinarily deserving of this scholarship and deserve to be choosen as a winner.

  • Rebecca’s video was very inspiring! I can not think of anything more important for humanity than clean and safe drinking water. This looks a great project and one that community members can share in developing. I wish continued success in helping develop clean and safe drinking water resources in Guatemala.

  • Rebecca is such an amazing candidate who has worked so hard within EWB to help the community have clean drinking water. I aspire to be like her!

  • Rebecca volunteering in Guatemala is of great service to those who need access to clean water. Her work and the work of Engineers Without Borders is improving the quality of life for many. I am proud to vote for her!

  • Rebecca Alcock hands down should receive this! I have gone to school with her since 6th grade and she is an amazing women inside and out really working to change here people’s lives! I would hope you would grant her this so she can go change the world!

  • I think Rebecca Alcock deserves this scholarship. She loves what she does in Guatemala and it is her dream to go there this summer!

  • Chuefeng! I’m so glad you’re chasing your dreams ❤️ I remember that little competition we were in and I can definitely tell you devote your self to music and it brings out sooo much of who you are! Keep chasing it and it’ll come to you ☺️ Good luck! I think you deserve it, seeing how positive you are and how thoughtful you are of people and things

  • Joanne… I love your dream. I feel the same way this is along with my dream as well… mine is helping youth feel confident through the arts. Good luck!!

  • I would like to support Joanne’s dream – anyone who knows her, knows how driven she is and this dream will not go unfulfilled – love the enthusiasm and the strength that Joanne has for her dream. The ultimate benefit will be seen and felt by many.

  • Chuefeng always brings a light of joy when he walks in the room. I’m so proud of you, Chuefeng! Keep up the amazing work! ❤

  • What a distinct honor it is to be included with four other individuals that have such incredible dreams! Good luck to all of you and CONGRATS for taking such huge steps to make your dream come true!

    • Agreed, Joanne! I admire the passion displayed in each video and feel inspired by you and the other three individuals. Best of luck to all!

  • Joanne Chalhoub!

    You make a difference in the Madison community, and we are honored to know you. Our family looks forward to being active in your vision for our world, and we shout our support from the highest mountaintops. Well, as high as you can get in southern Wisconsin.

  • As the son of two Air Force Veterans, the brother of a Marine and the grandson of a Korean War veteran I can tell you that Joanne’s work of bringing the arts to veterans will have a massive impact. The arts and theatre have helped them make connections with the community and express their patriotism through the years. This would be an amazing service to give to those that serve us! Joanne all the way!!

  • Wow! These are all amazing, but I have to say that Joanne really stands out to me. Theatre is such an underestimated way to help us all understand ourselves and our culture, and using this medium to aid returning vets– that’s not only brilliant, it’s a noble and lovely cause. I am so inspired by this idea!

  • Wow! Joanne has my vote!! I work with the military helping them with their medical care, and I can’t tell you the number of kids I see that have major depressive disorder or anxiety disorders when they come home. Anything that can be done to help these young men and women in uniform stay alive and return to a productive and happy civilian life has my vote!

  • I’m voting for Joanne, it’s a great dream and a wonderful way to help our returning soldiers! They’ve given us everything, so it’s great to see someone wanting to give back to them.

  • I’ve seen first hand the lasting impact that theater can have on emotional healing. I can’t think of a better way to spend this money than helping Jo create an opportunity to share this art form with our soldiers.

  • Wow, what awesome dreams! Thank you for offering this scholarship. My vote is for Joanna. She is an amazing person with a big heart and the drive to see this through. Good luck to everyone.

  • Stage managers? They get the job done!
    My vote is for Joanne Chalhoub, who is an unstoppable force and can not only make this happen, but will make a difference in many lives. An inspired idea by an inspiring person. Go, Jo!

  • Joanne I feel your dream will make a huge difference for our veterans to find hope, peace and strength as they can express themselves through art!!

  • I vote for Joanne Chalhoub!

    As a volunteer with an organization that honors veterans, an as a military brat myself, I know that a program that uses the theatre arts would be so beneficial. I’m rooting for you, Jo!

  • Joanne Chalhoub should win this! She has a vision for something that would expand what we do to help veterans, and she has the drive and skill set to make it happen.

  • My vote is for Joanne! This is something that our society is in desperate need of. Sadly I lost my brother who served in the Army to suicide in 2014. Something like this could have saved my brothers life. Please support Jo in helping her save soldiers lives.

  • As a theatre artist and son of a veteran (with many vets in my family), I couldn’t support Jo’s dream more. Art can help and does help people everyday. It can help our veterans. Please support Jo as well! #votejoIdid

  • Joanne Chalhoub!

    Yes, art can make a difference, and I believe YOU will use it to make such a positive difference in veterans’ lives. Go, Jo, go! 😀

  • You have my vote, Jo! This is an incredible, vital, and wonderful dream!!!! Thank you for putting words, heart, and action into this inspired idea and necessary cause!

  • I work every day with homeless and formerly homeless Vets. There is proven evidence that the arts can help them with items like PTSD, confidence, and relationship building. Having a program like this would be amazing. I vote for Joanne. It is not only a dream for her but it would change the lives of the people she works with.

  • What wonderful, talented, and compassionate young people! All of these dreams are admirable, but I am casting my “vote” for Joanne. I know many veterans (and active service members) who have had to deal with so much trauma, and I would love to see Joanne’s dream come to fruition.

  • Way to go Rebecca! It’s incredible to hear about what you can do to bring an essential resource to so many people!

  • Rebecca has done amazing work for people living in the remote mountain villages in Guatemala. Providing safe drinking water has made a tremendous difference in their lives and she hopes to to help another community this summer. She is a remarkable person with a big heart and more than deserving of this scholarship!

  • I have known Rebecca Alcock and her family since before she was born. I know she is committed to this project and, having been in Guatemala myself, know it would make a huge difference in many lives. ,I hope you will support her project with this scholarship.

  • Joanne!!! You are an amazong lady and I’m so glad that I can also call you my friend. You have a giant heart and the determination to accomplish anything. You have my vote any day 🙂

  • We would strongly endorse Rebecca engineering in Guatemala. Drinking water is essential for healthy life and her long term impact in assisting with the implementation of this project would be immeasurable.

  • Hands down Rebecca is the most deserving! Always putting the needs of others at the forefront. Great kid with great dreams!

  • Jo Chaloub is one of the hardest working women I know. She has a wonderful dream and is the person who can get this service started. What a wonderful person with a really worthwhile dream.

  • I’m so for Jo’s goals. She’s got such a vision and all the tenacity and creativity to see this project through. It has the most amazing purpose and power to effect positive artistic expression!!

  • I am very proud of Rebecca and her dedication and commitment to help these communities obtain a safe water supply we take for granted in our every day lives! She is donating her time and skills for an entire summer and would be very deserving of this rewarding scholarship to off set her expenses!

  • Rebecca Alcock is a most worthy recipient of this scholarship. She has been blessed with outstanding talents and willingly shares them with those less fortunate. It truly is her passion to make a difference in the lives of people who have been born into less fortunate circumstances. Her compassion for others makes her a worthy recipient of your scholarship. Bless you, Rebecca!

  • Rebecca is very dedicated and committed to obtain a safe water supply to these communities! I am very proud of her and feel She would be very deserving of this rewarding scholarship to help off set her expenses while donating her time and skills for an entire summer!

  • Rebecca, it has been fun to see the great work you continue to do!! Good luck achieving your goal—I hope you can continue your work there!

  • Woo Hoo Rebecca!Your dream is big but such a good thing for people in need! You will do great things for them! Best of luck- we are rooting for you. Such great memories you will make! Good luck Rebecca! Mark n Linda

  • Rebecca’s dream uses her passions and skills to impact hundreds of lives and to work with communities abroad to sustainabily meet their basic human needs. She has my vote!

  • I am really impressed with Javons creations and ambitions, all are great candidates but keeping track short I think Javon should win!

  • Having worked in projects with Rebecca Alcock I know how hard she works inside and outside of EWB to make a difference. You couldn’t find anyone better for this. Giving to Becca would be one of the best ways to give back because I’m sure she will pay it forward!

  • Man keep working hard towards your dream! You definitely are making it come true as you get closer to it day by day! A young entrepreneur making it happen! You deserve this scholarship !!

    • Javon keep working hard towards your dream!! You’ve always dreamed big and day by day you’re getting closer to it! Great business you got going so far and keep it up! Very professional!

  • Rebecca Alcock, great video. Love what you are doing to use your talents to make such a big difference in the lives of others! Thank you!

  • Rebecca, te quiero dar las gracias por el liderazgo que has demostrado para una causa tan noble. It’s amazing you’re using your learning to empower others to make a difference!

  • Rebecca Alcock is an excellent candidate for this scholarship. She has been committed to working with these communities in Guatemala for years on such important projects. Her work has helped bring clean water, essential for life, to countless families and her quest to continue her fight for communities in need is extremely admirable.

  • Rebecca,
    What a great way to use your talents to help others! My vote goes towards your video and your willingness to help those who are less fortunate!

  • I encourage you to select Javon Miller as one of the scholarship recipients. He’s an ambitious young man with kind heart and a very bright future. Team Javon!!!

  • Rebecca!!! Allow her to help the people of Guatemala to have clean, safe, drinkable water – a basic human right.

  • I think Javon Miller should be selected for this scholarship due to the fact that we need to see more young African-American males standing up for something that is positive! He has a dream that could take him so far if he just gets that little push!

  • I encourage you to choose Javon Miller as one of the scholarship recipients. He is an ambitious young man with a kind heart and a bright future ahead of him. Team Javon!!!

  • Good luck to all the dreamers! I’m rooting for Chuefeng! Just knowing you as a person, you bring me positive vibes all the time especially when you’re in your creative mindset. I see and hear your passion in what you do. Keep singing and bring your big personality to our world!

  • These are all incredible dreams. The most impressive however is Rebecca’s selfless dream of helping these Guatemalans develop a clean drinking water source. Clean water is a commodity that we, of course, take for granted and this project will not only provide this essential need for this community but also hopefully, serve as a springboard to improve the lives of those for whom clean water becomes available.

  • Knowing Javon for many years and knowing how determined and focused and person he is I think he definitely deserves for his dream to come true. He is truly and inspiration to many and though the other dreams are great, Javon’s dream is outstanding and deserving.

  • I love this! We cannot do enough for our veterans, and the arts are undervalued. I love that you recognize this immense need and this often forgotten resource. The arts are therapeutic. The arts are humanity, and when we’re suffering and needing to rebuild, what an appropriate refuge is the arts.

  • Rebecca’s endeavors will revolutionize the sociopolitical realm within Guatemala by implementing non-governmental, somewhat NGO-esque sanctions which will provide humanitarian relief to those whom we would normally not empathize. Truly Admirable.

  • YAY!!! Chuefeng!!! Big, big, big congrats on being on of the five finalsists! You deserve it and I support your dream! (You know, you can include me in your songs too…) Just kidding. I will be rooting for you!

  • Rebecca is driven and passionate about helping others. She is selfless and committed to providing access to clean drinking water in Guatemala.

  • Joanne!!!! I cannot think of a more beautiful and important project than fulfilling this dream! Yes, the arts can heal, and yes, veterans need this. And Joanne, you are a person who can make this happen! I would love to know that this dream of helping others who need it will become fulfilled.

  • What a beautiful dream, Joanne! Theater and the arts in general have helped me and my own anxiety GREATLY, I would love to see Joanne’s dream come into fruition <3 GO JO!

  • Rebecca Alcock’s goal of bringing safe drinking water is very important to the people of Guatemala. Her commitment to serve others is admirable and deserving of the scholarship.

  • Hi. This is Al. I have known Rebecca all of her life. She is one SUPER, TALENTED, INTELLECTUAL, SMART, DEDICATED, PASSIONATE, HARD WORKING YOUNG LADY. Her greatest asset is her kind and loving spirit as she moves through pursuing her dreams in her life
    and her unending willingness to give of herself to others. She has been this way all of her life, even as an elementary student and in high school and especially now in the college setting. Her love for helping others continues to grow even more each day in college as she continues to participate in her “without borders” efforts to help make the lives of many people better. Becca should get your vote for this scholarship because she would be a wonderful representative for this program and an unbelievable asset in helping to accomplish the goals that this program is setting out to achieve. I can guarantee that you would not be disappointed in the work and efforts that Becca would put forth and contribute to get the job done. My vote is with Becca all the way, If you vote for Becca, you, also, will be so glad that you did. Thank you and thanks to Becca for going after this opportunity. Al.

  • Rebecca Alcock, I am inspired by your desire to go to rural Guatemala and help this village secure clean water. Additionally, I love that you want to go and spend actual time with the people there. I have been to rural Guatemala and love the people. But there are good people everywhere. Kudos to you that you want to brighten these people’s lives with your presence and enhance their well-being with clean water. All the best to you.

  • I vote for Joanne’s dream! Given her background in social work AND the arts, as well as her superhuman ability to Get Things Done, Joanne is uniquely suited to serve our vets in this capacity, and make this dream a reality. Let’s help Jo save lives! I’m behind you 100%, Jo!

  • GO Rebecca!!!! You have given 100% with the Engineers without Boarders for the last 4 years and have made huge differences already in water quality to villages. You are an amazing person and are making a difference for people around the world!!!

  • These are all worthwhile dreams and I wish every participant the best in pursuing them. My vote goes to Jo Chalhoub.

  • I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am so honored to be able to share my dream along with these amazing individuals! This is such a loving and supportive community and it just inspires me to keep on dreaming 🙂

    Rebecca – Wow! You have such an amazing and giving heart! I sometimes take for granted how blessed I am to live in America where I don’t have to worry about the water being contaminated and making me sick. So for you to travel to Guatemala and lend your skills to help bring clean water to the people is so inspiring and a reminder for all of us to help others. Thank you for sharing your dream!

    Javon – Your pens are absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe you started woodworking just one year ago because your skills are amazing! I think teaching students about woodworking, entrepreneurship, and business skills is such a great idea because it will bring your local community together and inspire others to start turning their passion into reality. I think you have such a great work ethic and a very serving mindset to help give back to your community. Thank you for sharing your dream!

    Chuefeng – I love your personality! To be honest, I teared up after watching your video just because your dream is truly your passion. Music seems like such a huge part of your life and don’t worry about the haters and the push-back from others, your dreams are truly inspiring and you are inspiring others just by pursuing your dreams wholeheartedly. You said that you want to change the world… I think you will do it (and I think you are currently doing it). I look forward to hearing your music on the radio. Thank you for sharing your dream!

    Joanne – Thank you SO much for what you are doing! My brother is currently serving in Afghanistan (his 1st deployment) and I am just so proud of him and all the service men and women who risk their lives to protect ours. Like you mentioned, these men and women sacrifice so much and they deserve something more. Art can really do some healing things, it has a way of touching the soul and allows people to express their feelings. Pursuing your dream of creating a non-profit organization to help our military men and women is going to save lives! Thank you for sharing your dream!

  • I’m so proud of Javon Miller he deserves this scholarship he is a very focused motivated and career driven young man. He is also an inspiration to others. He will make a great Entrepreneur. Keep up the good work Javon!!

  • Javon is going to be something great in this world and he is well deserving of this scholarship. One of the most positive and inspirational people I know! Everyone should vote for this young man! Team Javon Miller!! This could be our future president… stay tuned

  • I am voting for Javon Miller. Javon, your pens are gorgeous and very useful. I want a few. I like that he wanted to give back to community and teach others to succeed. Good luck Javon!

  • I can think of few things more noble and valuable than helping our veterans get back into society. The arts tell our common story but are often overlooked in their power to heal and build community. Go Joanne!

  • I encourage all of these folks to continue following their dreams. However, I vote for Joanne as her plan to work with returning vets to help them is near and dear to my heart. I like her plan to work through the arts, and hope this dream comes true.

  • As the daughter of a Vietnam war vet, I sincerely hope Joanne wins and gets opportunity to make her dream come true. My father never did acclimate back into society all that well and his experiences with the VA were lacking at best. Our veterans deserve so much better and I couldn’t support this more. I truly hope Jo gets to see this through!

  • Rebecca Alcock! I am casting my vote for Rebecca not only for the tremendous learning opportunity for Rebecca, but also because of the impact that it will have on an entire community. I cannot imagine living without running water, which is something that we take for granted and considered a basic human right. The work that Engineers Without Borders does to help underserved communities is so inspiring!

  • Javon’s, dream is selfless as his Dream is to become a entrepreneur. Along his journey he wants to give back to the community thinking of how to help others. I know that Javon’s dream will become a reality.

  • I am very much in favor of Brittany Thurgood.
    She is very loving and caring person not only for people but for animals. She has done hours and hours of volunteering and helping others. She is well educated and smart. She loves the outdoors and being with family and friends in out door trips.She never thinks of herself.

  • JAVON!! I love this. This is so cool and unique! I’d definitely be interested in buying one. Keep this up, I can tell this will go very far!

  • Keep up the amazing work Rebecca! Your dedication and passion for this project as well as your service is inspiring!

  • Javon is so talented and amazing at everything he puts his effort into. He is such a talented individual and definitely deserves this scholarship !!

  • Brittany Thurgood is a very hard working person, thoughtful, helpful, caring and loving. She has also volunteered her free time with community service. She likes doing outdoor activities with her family and friends. She really wants to backpack Europe with her Brother who is serving our nation in Afghanistan.

  • Joanne’s dream speaks to me the most. Her dream is a dream that will save lives, literally and figuratively. Please help her make this come true — for all of our men and women who have put their lives on the line for this country.

  • I wish the best of luck to you Javon! You are such an inspiration to so many students here at our school and I know that your business will help to uplift many others by teaching them the tricks to the trade! Continue to dream big and keep up your fantastic work! I wholeheartedly hope that you win!

  • So proud of the work Rebecca Alcock has done to help others throughout her time as a college student. When she was a student of mine in high school, she was extraordinarily dedicated and passionate. She will continue to make this world a better place, and I am certain she will throw herself into that any project she commits to.

  • Javon Miller is a very inspirational young man with a very bright future. He is a hard worker with a good business mind for his age. I believe he can do anything he puts his mind to. It is such a pleasure to see such an ambitious young man in today’s society.

  • If I had the money, I would personally grant Jo the $2,500 to start her Theatre Arts project for Veterans. Jo, if you don’t get the scholarship, please start a Go Fund Me to get your idea off the ground and I will help you promote it. What a beautiful way to use your talents, and yes….I agree…Art is not used nearly enough to heal. You go, girl.

  • Give Brittany the chance to fulfill her dream with her soldier brother. She seem’s the most real, down to earth and humble. I would love to hear of their adventures together.

  • Thank you Rebecca for all you have done and continue to do. Everyone’s videos are very inspiring but my vote is for you. Water IS such a foundation in our lives so being able to access safe drinking water is critical for daily living; something we as Americans take for granted daily. You are truly an inspiration!

  • Rebecca is dedicated to clean water! She is an amazing, talented person who truly cares about helping Guatemala get the clean water they need for a healthy life.

  • I feel Rebecca should win as helping in Guatemala is a wonderful idea. It’s so great to see people reaching out to help others in need.

  • My vote goes to Joanne. Her dream of helping our veterans with such caring and compassion is an inspiration. The arts have a unique power to heal emotionally and to offer a sense of belonging and community. Those who have sacrificed so much for this country should never have to feel abandoned and desperate. We must give back. Good luck, Jo. Your sense of honor shines through.

  • Rebecca Alcock is an amazing person and her project is really changing lives. Love her and everything she does

  • So proud of you Javon! As well as all the other participants. Your pens are dynamic, unique, and I look forward to the new designs. I love my pen that I have now. I love that you want to help people in our community by giving them jobs, teaching them, and influencing them with entrepreneurship to help grow the community. Continue to inspire people. I know when this gets big you’ll be the one to use the profit to help make this world a better place. Keep up the positive attitude and all that you do for people. Love you

  • Javon, is a dedicated and committed young man whom given a chance will be a huge success. He is very Intelligent, talented, creative as well as ambitious. All of those characteristics are shown in the design of his pens (I can’t wait to get one) BEAUTIFUL………vote for Javon he deserves it.

  • I love how Rebecca is wanting to use her skills to help those in need in Guatemala. She will make a great impact in many peoples lives. Please fund her project. Go Rebecca!!

  • What I particularly love about Joanne’s dream is that it serves others with her unique talents. I live in the same city she does and know the quality of her work in community theatrical productions and her remarkable stamina and unflagging devotion. Her recent completion of her first marathon speaks to this same determination to reach the goal, to persevere despite challenges. Veterans are so often overlooked. Those who come back from theatres of war are so often not only physically injured, but psychologically wounded. What we’re seeing as the opiod epidemic across the US has a undeniable relationship with the wounds our veterans carry. Many of these dreamers have good dreams that will help them achieve their goal, but Joanne’s takes something she already knows how to do and bring it to others. She is uniquely qualified and ready to do this. She has specific skills to offer not just a do-gooder’s heart. It’s one thing to want to help others; it’s another to know how you can do it in your own special and important way.

  • My vote is for Joanne Chalboub! Hope you can win this scholarship and help more of the Veterans that really need all the assistance they can get. You have great insight on a way to assist them and we hope & pray your big dream comes true.

  • Joanne, best of luck. You are correct in your thoughts that the veterans need the arts to move on and adjust. I think this is a great project. Please let us know when you move forward on it. Don

  • I think Brittany should win. I would love to see pictures of her and her Brother backpacking Europe when he gets back from Afghanistan. Please select Brittany.

  • I would love to be able to see Brittany be able to live her dream! She is always so selfless and always puts others before herself. She is so inspiring and hard working. Go Brittany!

  • I have known Rebecca since she was a baby, and know about her continuing work as enengineering student (soon to be graduate) with the water project in Guatemala. What an impressive video about her dream to continue this crucial work for another summer. Rebecca, you will continue to do great things with great heart—I hope they pick YOU for the scholarship!

  • Go get um Joanne, What a great cause and you will be wonderful at making this dream of yours come true. You have our vote.

  • I love your idea Joanne. Art, in all it’s forms, allows us to unlock our ability to express ourselves in unique ways. Good Luck with your project Joanne.

  • Joanne’s dream is so inspiring! So proud of you Joanne! Please support Joanne’s dream of helping veterans.

  • My vote has to be for Joanne!!! Our military veterans are so neglected and her statistics on suicide especially upon reentry into civilian life are frightening and unacceptable, but unfortunately a scary reality. This young woman is so humble and amazing to have this be her life’s dream to help these fine men and women who serve us and never ask for any thank you. You go grab that dream Joanne and I know you will make it a reality. My vote is for you!!!

  • It’s heartwarming to know that the younger generation just doesn’t only care about the latest iPhone or craft beer hall but can also be concerned about the real problems facing our society today.

    Congratulations to all of you, and particularly to you, Joanne Chalhoub, for your outstanding dedication to the welfare of our veterans. For a country that’s so bullish on war, it’s amazing how it neglects those who sacrificed so much for their country. I think you’re doing something outstanding.

  • Joanne you are amazing! Your dream of helping the Military is a wonderful idea and heartfelt.
    Helping through the arts would be so beneficial for the men and women who serve our country and give us our freedom.
    I vote for Joanne!

  • What a great life goal,Joanne.
    You goal is ambitious and will be easily attained by you.You have done your due diligence in getting this launched and to move forward. As the daughter of a WWII veteran, I encourage you to pursue your dreams to aid those veterans in need of such a valuable service. Best of luck!! Andrea Bamrick

  • My vote is for Joanne! It is time we put our veterans first for all of their sacrifices to our country. You are an inspiration for your hard work and dedication to this cause, Jo!

  • Rececca Alcock! You are an inspiration to all. I applaud your selfless efforts to provide so many families and individuals with the basic of needs – safe drinking water. When they have this basic human need met, they will have a better chance at a healthier quality of life. Thank you for your determination and efforts!

  • Joanne, You put a big exclamation point on my dream the day you were born! Now we’re hoping for a big exclamation point on your dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Mom

  • Go Javon!! His business is so inspirational, I can honestly see his business prospering and having an everlasting effect on people. I hope he recieves this scholarship so he can have the opportunity to impact others and teach them about business.

  • Go Javon!! His story is so inspirational. I see him being a generational leader and having a huge impact on people’s lives. I hope he receives this scholarship so he can help others learn about business.

  • Dear Joann-
    I am extremely impressed, and proud that I know you, given your lifes goal, your dream, your passion and your committment! Helping military veterans recover from the stress and anxiety is such a powerful (and needed) service. Know that Robin and I support you, that you will be in our prayers, (as well as the veterans who are served as a result of your efforts), and that we would be willing to help.

    Thanks for being all that you can be! Rich blessings – Deacon Sandy (Sites)

  • Rebecca’s BIG IDEA is definitely worth the $2,500 scholarship towards helping our veterans and preventing suicide by those who risked their lives for the United States in foreign wars. Art heals! Help Rebecca reach her dream to create a non-profit organization and research how to end the daily loss of veterans who survived war but not its traumatic effects.

  • Joanne has my vote, hands down. This cause is so worthy and it’s time we start treating our veterans like the heroes they are. You’ve got my vote, and anything else you need from me. Don’t hesitate to ask!!!!!
    You’re the best, keep up the good work.

  • Javon Miller is such an incredible young man. He’s a hard worker with a great business mind and I know he will go very far as a successful Entrepreneur. Javon deserves this scholarship because he believes in helping others and he has a bright future a head of him. Javon continue to believe in yourself and make your Dreams come true!

  • Javon Miller is extraordinary individual help to inspire many of people of all walks of life keep up the good work and much success in all your endeavors.

  • Wow! What a great group – If allowed to vote, I vote for Rebecca and the project in Guatemala! Thank you Big Dream for sponsoring this!!

  • Javon Miller you are a wonderful person. You inspire me in so many ways. I can’t even put in words how much you mean to me. And I am so blessed to have you as my cousin. Love you Javon.

  • Javon Miller!! A great person all around supporting his business means so much more than just winning this scholarship but standing with someone with great ethics and not to mention an extraordinary handcrafted pen/pencil business!

  • Each of these young people have inspirational thoughts
    and dreams.

    I am impressed with Brittany, Javon, and Chuefeng, but
    the two stories that captured my interest come from Joanne
    and Rebecca. Each of these young women are using talents
    and energy to better the lives of others. Their thoughts
    are to encourage and enrich the lives of individuals who are
    deserving of attention. Joanne especially wants her
    efforts to remain here in the USA and effect change for our
    veterans who number in the millions and are at risk for many
    devastating pitfalls following their dedicated service to
    our country. Her words speak about a positive change for
    ailing veterans to find a level of fulfillment and
    productivity that will enable them to carry on a life
    well-lived after serving in the military. We owe our
    veterans much more attention than they currently receive.
    The VA system needs the energy from Joanne & others to
    supplement their outreach to improve the physical and mental
    health of our veterans. Allow Joanne to continue to
    fulfill her dreams of helping our nation’s veterans… I
    vote for Joanne to be awarded the scholarship and to
    facilitate change and implement programming to change lives
    right here at home in the USA.

  • Joanne has a wonderful caring plan that will really help veterans have a better life. We KNOW she will create a very special creative program. She is a hard worker who is very devoted to theater. Our vote is strongly for Joanne

  • Jo’s vision and passion for helping our veterans process trauma and heal will touch many lives–of the veterans themselves, their families, friends, coworkers. Please help Jo establish her nonprofit!

  • Javon is an awesome student and an amazing inspiration to classmates and peers, he definitely deserves this scholarship.

  • I love what Joanne Chalhoub wants to do. I think her program could make a difference in getting help to a population that needs it.

  • Way to go Joanne! Our veterans and their families need our support in every way possible and what you plan to do through the arts gives back to them in the most beautiful way! You have thought of such an innovative way to address the challenges returning soldiers and their families are facing. Thank you for spending your time creating a solution! Keep dreaming big Joanne Chalhoub!

  • With this scholarship, Joanne will bring hope, purpose, and joy to a deserving and shamefully underserved population . She has my vote.

  • Life changing plans Rebecca! I encourage you to dedicate your time, energies and knowledge to the people of this Guatemalan town. We take clean water so much for granted in this country. Keep dreaming big!

  • Chasing your dream is so important, but I think one of the two scholarships should go to Joanne because her big dream will have a big impact on an entire community of people in need. I am inspired by her mission to help veterans through the arts, since we are shown time and time again how art can make a difference in the lives of ourselves and those around us. It is an essential part of humanity and an amazing tool for healing.

    It is clear from Joanne’s honest and direct video that she already has the research, commitment, and real life experience that will turn her dream into a reality. I believe Joanne can successfully turn that scholarship into something bigger.

  • Joanne deserves this scholarship! Nothing is better than the arts and helping others! Go Joanne! You rock!

  • Everyone has some awesome dreams!!! I love how you guys want to help the veterans and less fortunate people in Guatemala to writing songs to help people and even hiking and exploring new places. Always dream and then have to courage and motivation to pursue and execute those dreams and make them into a reality. Continue being a positive force in this world with your ideas, visions, and creative aspirations to use your talents, gifts, resources and skills as an instrument of change! Keep up the great work and never let anyone kill your dreams because they are some of the most valuable things we possess that have the power and creativity to influence this world. I wish everyone the best and many blessings.

  • This is For Javon Miller. Although Javon does not need any help or encouragement to accomplish a y of his dreams because he is driving by his own excitement and desires. He already knows how to put his mind and emotions into accomplishing anything and everything that he wants. In fact everyone can learn from his example. Keep pushing J avon! You will get to where your going just in time to start something else!

  • Javon Miller is certainly deserving of this scholarship. Javon carries the maturity for young leaders that exhibit confidence, creativity, and passion.

  • My vote is for Joanne! I think her dream is such a service to the world. Our veteran population is suffering and this is way to give them support along their journey of healing. As Joanne said, the research is clear, the arts have a huge positive impact on people, and it’s the perfect instrument for this work. It’s time we start recognizing these amazing people who have given so much of themselves for our country. They deserve better than we are giving them, and I think Joanne is a great person to give them better. Her dream is Big and Important! Let’s make it happen!