We love to share updates on BIG Dreams that have been posted at BIG Dream Gatherings.

Mike Myers attended a BIG Dream Gathering as a part of Succeed Faster last summer.

This is his update… in his own words.


“When we were at Succeed Faster this past summer, I talked to so many rock stars who had been skydiving before.


During the BIG Dream Gathering, I had shared with them that sky diving was a big dream of mine because it was something on my bucket list, but I didn’t know when I would ever get the chance to do it…because I am afraid of heights.


I told them I would at some point down the road, but I just couldn’t right now.  But you know how the SF people can be.. They looked at me like I was crazy and said:

“Mike, why not now?

Saying you’ll do it later is not a valid reason.”  


I looked back at them dumbfounded, because they had just called me out on grounds that I really had no defense for or valid reason to respond with, besides the fact that I was scared of heights.  At that moment I realized I was the only person in this world that was standing between me accomplishing this big dream of mine.  As you know, this tends to be a similar scenario for most people in the world and their own dreams.



At that moment, I decided to put my fears aside (somewhat) and agreed to give in and pursue my big dream of going skydiving.



Well, I’ll admit… I made it clear to the group that this decision was only going to happen on one condition and it was contingent on one key point..  The contingency was that I would only go if the opportunity presented itself sometime soon.  If it did, then I promised I would NOT turn it down, and that I would conquer my fear of heights (while achieving a big dream).


It wasn’t even a week after that conversation that I received an email from Living Social… notifying me that the daily deal in my area (DC) was for a tandem skydive, and at that very moment I thought to myself….


“I knew this was going to happen.”  


It hadn’t even been a week and because of my promise to that group of people who had encouraged me to go live out my dreams, I held myself accountable and bought the deal.

It was the greatest decision I have ever made, because not only did I conquer my fear of heights, but I was able to accomplish a Big Dream of mine.


Mike Myers - Living the dream! - BIG Dream Gathering

That accomplishment would not of become a reality without my experience at the Big Dream Gathering.. I also discovered that not only am I over my fear of heights, but I absolutely LOVE skydiving and may have a new hobby.

Thanks Mitch for bringing the gift of the Big Dream Gathering to the world!”

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