Sean Moore works for ACT. He’s an awesome dad, hubby and member of his small community. And… he had a dream.

That dream was to form a band… and rock the house.

Now that may sound a little simple… and it would be fine if it was. We want to celebrate all kinds of dream pursuits!

But as we talked with Sean, we found out that the “why” behind this dream… had a much deeper heart connection than just getting out with the “band” from time to time. This dream was also important to Sean because of his sister Kendra and her battle with something called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Kendra was an amazing signer… and the band was as much for her… as it was for Sean.

They’ve beaten the odds and after 4+ years… they’re still having fun and rocking the house!

Now… have they signed a ba-gillion-dollar recording contract and quit their jobs? Nope. Sean is still a contract manager at ACT, Inc. And the rest of the guys in the band still have their day jobs too. But… they’re taking it to the streets. They’ve been headlining music festivals… and their kids often function at their roadies!

And that’s how BIG dream journeys work. One small but significant step at a time. Do they always lead to BIG DOLLAR DEALS? Nope. (Or at least… not yet!) Do they always have to change the world? Nope. But they sure can change YOUR world.

That’s been Sean’s story. And it’s continuing to play out.

How about you? What’s one of your big dreams?

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