Do you find yourself mentally exhausted at the end of the day?
If you’re like most… the answer is, “Heck yes.”
That might be due to something called “Decision Fatigue.”
I’ve been getting a lot of questions on this subject… so I dug into the topic (and some real-world solutions) for this week’s DREAM THINK DO deep dive!
Decision fatigue affects everyone… but some learn to beat it.  Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others have taken it seriously… and they’ve learned to overcome it by using the simple but powerful strategies we’ll discuss.
We’ll dig into:

  • What is Decision Fatigue and why does it matter
  • Simple strategies for thinking clearer and making better decisions throughout your day
  • How to “stack” your day to be productive
  • Hacks for “decision clearing”
  • Ways to better manage your to-do list

Whether you have a big dream that you’re pursuing… a demanding career, a stressful schedule, a busy family or even a big purchase in your future… you’re probably getting pounded by decision fatigue.
Let’s help you beat it!

Mitch Matthews

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