What is the BIG Dream Gathering?

Mitch Matthews and his BIG Dream Gatherings have inspired and equipped students, faculty and members of the community at the top colleges and universities around the country.

For example, Kent State, Arizona State, UCONN, the University of Iowa, the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Drake University and others have recently hosted these fun and empowering events which help participants in three major areas:

  • Clarifying their goals and dreams

  • Building a “real-world” plan to make those dreams a reality

  • Understanding and utilizing powerful networking strategies

Most importantly… participants don’t just hear about these concepts… they apply them at the event!


Here’s a video from the BIG Dream Gathering’s visit to Kent State:

Are YOU at a university that wants to help your students, faculty and surrounding community to dream bigger, build a plan and connect with others… in real and tangible ways?


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