BIG Dream Gathering

The Dream Boost Scholarship is designed to give people who’ve attended a Gathering an added boost for their dream.

After receiving submissions all spring and reviewing videos from our finalists… we’ve selected a winner of this spring’s scholarship.

Meet our Spring 2017 Dream Boost Scholarship Winner!


Her name is Jasmine and she’s a Senior from Colorado State University.

See the announcement and the call to Jasmine here:

Our Winner receives $2,500 plus mentorship from members of our Dream Boost Advisory Team.

Would you like to enter one of YOUR dreams to be considered for the next Boost Scholarship?  Just click below:



SPRING WINNER: Jasmine’s Submission Video


MarkAs a part of her scholarship, Jasmine is also going to get some career mentorship and coaching from Dream Boost Advisory Team member: Mark Rothwell.

Mark is the Associate Vice President of Brand & Consumer Marketing at American Family Insurance.

Jasmine is graduating this year.  So in addition to her trip, one of her other goals was to gain insights and wisdom on how to navigate her career, optimize opportunities and grow her personal brand.  So she’s excited to have Mark as her new mentor!


Meet our Scholarship Finalists!

We wanted to encourage each of our finalists.  So our Dream Boost Advisory Team members are going to offer some additional time and mentorship for them too!  Here are our finalists and their mentors.




lisaJimi is going to get some mentorship and coaching from book writing and publishing guru Lise Cartwright!

They are going to spend some time together helping Jimi build a plan to get her book about common sense out to the world!

And hey… we could all use more of THAT!






AntonioHorace is going to get some mentorship from entrepreneur and career coach Antonio Neves.

Antonio has launched his own business and has traveled the world.  Plus, he grew up in a small town and knows what it’s like to want to help others to see the world and be global citizens.





soniaJessica is going to get to spend some time with successful entrepreneur Sonia Hunt.

Sonia knows what it’s like to take an idea and build a business around it from scratch.  Plus, she knows a thing or two about creating a movement since her TED talk on healthy lifestyles has 1 million + views!  She’s looking forward to providing Jessica with some insights on where to go next with this big dream!



Again… our goal with the Dream Boost Scholarship is to get people thinking and talking about their dreams and goals!


Why not join us?


Click below to share one of your dreams and join this revolution of real people dreaming BIG and encouraging each other along the way.


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