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In this episode of DREAM THINK DO – BIG Dream Gathering Co-Founder, Mitch Matthews interviews Diego Corzo, a 26-year old entrepreneur and self-made real estate investor.


big-am-imgThey talk about how Diego’s BIG Dream Gathering experience helped him to realize he needed to make some changes so he could go after his dream of being financially free by the age of 30.


At the time, he was in a “bad fit” job.  So he needed to figure out what he wanted to do and how to make it happen.  Mitch and Diego dig into the specific strategies he used to get clear, build a plan and make his dream a reality… within two short years!


In this episode you will:

  • Hear how Diego got clear on what his “dream job” really was

  • Learn how he was able to make the contacts and get the specialized knowledge he needed

  • Gain insight on how he started to build his real estate portfolio at 24

  • Understand specific and attainable strategies for building passive income

We hope this inspires YOU to think about YOUR dream career… and go out and get it.

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