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In this DREAM THINK DO Podcast, BIG Dream Gathering co-founder, Mitch Matthews interviews Neighbors Apparel Founder – Tessa Reeves.  

They talk about how Tessa had thought she landed her dream job in NYC.  But then… she quickly figured out that position was a really bad fit.  For many, this would have caused an identity crisis!   This job was something she thought she’d wanted her whole life.  But now… she had to start over. 

Tessa did the smart thing.  She didn’t freak out.  She didn’t give up on finding a dream job.  She simply committed to doing a series of “experiments” that helped her to discover a career… better said… a calling… that she was passionate about. 

To Tessa’s surprise… it was right in her backyard.

Listen in… and hear Tessa’s inspiring story. 

Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to find a career that YOU were passionate about… get ready to take some notes.  Because the steps that Tessa took are steps that you can take too!  Whether your 20, 30 or 70!

Find out more about Tessa’s Neighbors Apparel by clicking here.

Check out Mitch’s interview with Tessa when he and his team visited Neighbors Apparel when they brought the BIG Dream Gathering to Kent State University.



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