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BIG Dream Gathering Co-Founder and creator of the DREAM THINK DO Podcast, Mitch Matthews interviews Dr. Ahmed Seif.  He’s the author of the bestselling book, “The Fat Kid Within: How to Ditch Dieting, Celebrate Your Body and Feel Like a Million Bucks.”


Dr. Seif is a long time DREAM THINK DO-er from Egypt who decided to make some changes in his life after listening to a number of DTD guests and Mitch’s Deep Dives.


In this interview, he shares about his journey of health and transformation.  How he went from feeling depressed, lethargic and overweight to now being in the best shape of his life.


He also shares how he thinks dieting isn’t the answer.  Instead he points to a more holistic approach and focuses on creating a healthier lifestyle instead of depriving yourself of food.


During their conversation, they cover:

  • Why you should stop measuring weight loss with a scale

  • How to change your thinking in order to create a healthier life

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of most dieting approaches

  • How mindfulness is better than willpower when it comes to getting healthy

We hope this inspires and equips you to go after some of your own health and fitness related dreams!

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