In 2008, Elizabeth Saunders attended a BIG Dream Gathering and she posted a dream.

It was to visit 6 continents by the end of 2013.

(Here’s a photo of her actual dream sheet.  Yeah… she kept it.)

Elizabeth's big dream sheet

Guess what?

This rock star… just achieved her big dream!!!

That’s right.

Elizabeth's big dream
Elizabeth speaking at the World Bank

Since 2008, she figured out a way to travel to 6 continents.

(By the way, she also launched her own business and wrote a best selling book in that time!  That’s right… Elizabeth has been cooking with gas.)

Not only that… but she got to spend most of last summer in Europe.  And… she just got back from New Zealand!

More pics and more of Elizabeth’s story are coming but here are just a few pics from her adventures…

Elizabeth in Ireland.
Elizabeth in Ireland.

She’s always been a big fan of hats… but her travels have expanded her horizons.

Elizabeth's big dream.

She was able to see buildings and structures she’d read about in school.

Elizabeth's big dream

And she was able to make new friends… and take new adventures with old friends too!

Elizabeth's big dream

This big dream was a game changer.

It took courage to write it down back in 2008.  It took guts to walk it out over these past few years.

But… it has changed everything for Elizabeth.

Oh and by the way… she’s not done traveling.  Apparently, she’s just getting started!

Hey…. by the way… “What’s one of YOUR big dreams?”

What if you wrote it down… and started to work towards it?

What might happen?

Let’s find out.





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