I woke up this morning to see a facebook post from BIG Dream Gathering alumni Chandler Bolt.

He posted that his freshly published book (with co-author James Roper) was #2 on Amazon!

Chandler and James on Amazon!

All of a sudden… I was reminded about a conversation I’d had with Chandler at a BDG in Chicago… about this very thing.

We’d talked about a big dream of his.  It was to write a book (several books actually) and learn to navigate the wild world of publishing and Amazon.  Even though Chandler is currently studying abroad in Austria… I had to reach out and get more of the scoop.  He obliged and let me know a little bit about the adventure so far.

Here’s a list of the things I love about their story:

They didn’t go it alone.

We’re all tempted to go after our big dreams by ourselves.  Maybe it’s because we don’t want to admit we need help.  Maybe it’s because we don’t want to wait for anyone else.  Maybe it’s because we don’t have a lot of people around us that understand our big dreams.  Whatever the reason… we often set a solo course.  BUT… Chandler and James realized they had what we call “a complimentary dream” and they could help each other and achieve a big dream together.

They didn’t wait for perfect conditions.

James and Chandler didn’t wait until the “perfect time.”  (Ever try to do that?  Yeah… me too.)  That’s right.  In fact, in a lot of ways…  this was the least perfect time.  When they started this big dream journey Chandler was getting ready to travel to Austria to study abroad and James was in the throes of launching a new business.  So… travel + busy did not equal perfect.  BUT… they started any way.

They learned as they went.

So often… we only know enough to take that first step.  BUT.. we’re all tempted to not start until we know enough to complete the first TEN steps.  As a result… WE NEVER START.

Chandler and James weren’t exactly sure HOW they were going to write the book together.  They weren’t 100% clear WHAT the content would look like.  They didn’t quite know WHEN they would be able to get it done.  But they agreed to learn as they went… and that enabled them to move from “STUCK” to “START!”

They kept the dream close.

They did things to keep this dream close at hand.  They pushed each other.  They held each other accountable.  They built a plan.  They also constantly reminded themselves of where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do.

In fact, even though Chandler is currently in Austria with only a few of his belongings… when I asked him about this dream and his dream sheet, he was able to INSTANTLY send me a photo of it.  Yeah… he had the dream sheet with him!  (Here’s the pic.)

Chadler's BIG dream sheet...

So that’s just a part of their story… but I love it.  Because we can ALL learn from their big dream journey.


By the way… do you need some help with being more productive in order to achieve some of your own big dreams?  Yeah… well… you’ll want to grab Chandler and Jame’s book.  It’s free if you click here this week.  I think you’ll dig it and it will help you be more productive… especially if you’re a creative!

Okay… so well done Chandler and James.  Well done!  We’re proud of you guys and we’re rooting for you too!

How about you!?  What’s one of YOUR dreams?  What if you started… today?

And hey… why not draw a line in the sand?  Click comment and write down one of your dreams for next year.  Let us know.  And know that we’ll be rooting for you too!

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