Jon Mero’s audition for the Voice 2017 is this week!

When you watch it… you’ll see how much of a natural Jon is on stage.

His presence… his moves… and of course… his voice.

(If you haven’t seen it… check it out below.)

It’s amazing to see him “own his moment” as Jennifer Hudson so aptly described it.

What’s extra fun for us is that Jon came to a BIG Dream Gathering back in 2010 and we talked about the thing that was getting in the way.  (Check out the video!)

Spoiler Alert:  Well… as you might have guessed, he took that “leap” of faith he talked about in the video.

BUT in actuality, it wound up looking more like a series of “small steps of faith” over time.

And that’s a good thing.




In 2010, Jon was working for a large financial institution in Des Moines and doing music on the side.  He’d bootstrapped his first CD.  One friend produced it.  Another friend shot the photography and designed the cover.  His sister ran the business side of things.


Not long after the BDG in 2010, Jon decided to move to Atlanta to pursue his dream.


He didn’t take a blind leap of faith.  He didn’t just quit his job, move and hope things would work out.  Nope.

He took a step of faith.  He kept working for that same large financial institution but he asked for a transfer to Atlanta.  He worked hard at his day job AND he worked hard booking singing gigs at night and on the weekends.  Gradually, he found some people to coach him.  He worked on his moves.  He found some advocates within the industry.

He kept taking those steps of faith… over time.


Eventually… he was able to quit his “day job” and make music his main thing. At first, there were long road trips with little pay.  Some glamorous venues… and some… not so much.

But Jon stayed with it.  He kept working… hard.  He kept taking those steps of faith.


Now we fast forward SEVEN years… and we see Jon’s VOICE audition.

Those “steps of faith” haven’t been easy… but I’d say they’re paying off!



As you watch Jon’s audition… I hope it inspires you to smile… sing… and heck… maybe even shoulder shimmy along with him.  (I’m like Blake though… I’d worry that some of Jon’s moves would make me rip something. :))

But I also hope Jon’s story encourages you to think about some of your own big dreams.

Not only that… but I hope it gets you thinking about some of those small but significant steps that you could take towards YOUR dreams.

What if you found ways to take a step?  Bootstrap an idea or two.  Invite a friend or a family member to get on board.  Research.  Reach out.  Start… in some small but significant way.

Sure… it’ll mean some work… but you know that.  And… you know it’ll be work that matters.

So… be like Jon.  Take a step.  Just see where it takes YOU.





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