We recently brought the BIG Dream Gathering to Kent State!

Check out the video from the day…



Before the Gathering, we were able to meet with Tessa Reeves from Neighbors Apparel.


Tessa is a Kent State grad who had to “experiment” in order to find her dream career.


But now’s she’s found it and it’s made all the difference… for her AND for the refugee population in the area too!  But that’s what we often see when people give themselves permission to dream BIG!  It winds up benefiting the person who pursues the dream… and the ripple effect of that dream can benefit others as well!


Mitch was able to share more of Tessa’s story to the attendees at the Gathering.


He was also able to follow up with Tessa through his DREAM THINK DO podcast.  (Check out the interview by clicking here.)


Helping YOU to dream BIG!


If you’d like to find out more about how the BIG Dream Gathering got started… click here.


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If you’d like to find out more about our $2,500 Dream Boost Scholarships… click here.


If you’d like to connect with the BIG Dream Gathering Team and find out how to bring them to YOUR campus… click here.


Until next time… keep dreaming BIG… and helping others to do the same!




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