I love Jimmy Fallon.  Can I get an amen?

He is a guy that’s in the right place.  His job fits.

He’s hilarious, musical, authentic… and he always looks like he’s having a great time.

When you see him having a ball on Late Night with Jimmy… it’s hard to imagine him any place else.

And… it’s hard to picture him being nervous, scared or feeling out of place.  Right?

But guess what.

He had to push through fear to get to where he’s at.

Want proof?

Have you ever seen his SNL audition?  Check it out.

It’s funny… but you can also see fear in his young eyes.

What’s on the other side of what scares you?

What if you took one small step towards a big dream today… even if you’re scared?

What if?

Why not?

PS – What’s one of your favorite Jimmy moments?  Click comments and let us know!

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