Here’s  one of Jeff’s big dreams in his own words…

Getting my girlfriend and I back to Rome, where we met, was one of the dreams that I put on the wall at the BIG Dream Gathering in San Antonio.

Not only that… but Jeff wanted to surprise her and propose to her in that same spot.  So he planned for over a year to make it all possible.  To our understanding… his girlfriend didn’t even know about the full trip until they got to the airport.  Then… he not only planned where and when he’d get down on one knee… but he also managed to pay a photographer to hide out so they could have a perfect photo of the moment!  Nice work Jeff!

Afterwards, Jeff wrote us an incredible note.

Thanks for keeping me inspired and focused towards my dreams. Before your Big Dream Gathering, I had lost that instinct to keep my eye on this things that matter and the dreams that define me.  You brought it all back into focus and have made me a DREAMER!  You have made such an amazing impact on my life and I cannot thank you enough.  THANK YOU!

We’re just honored to get to play a part in one of Jeff’s big dreams!  And we hope it inspire some big dreams in you!

So… what’s one of YOUR big dreams?



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