When Mandy came to the BIG Dream Gathering… she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to write down. But as she started to see other people’s dreams on the walls, she got more and more inspired.

One dream came. Then another. But then she got hit by a BIG dream. She admits now that she was a little scared to write it down.

She’d heard about orphans living in a garbage dump in Mozambique. Since she’d come across that story… she couldn’t get those children of her mind and heart. So she decided to write down a big dream of somehow… someway… getting to go and help them.

It didn’t make sense. She didn’t have the money. She didn’t have the time. But she wrote it down anyway.

As it turned out… kept thinking about that dream. She kept talking about it too.

In the end… she was able to go to Mozambique to help. Plus, she was able to do that within a year of writing that big dream down. What’s extra fun about this story is that a co-worker got inspired by Mandy’s dream and helped her to raise over $1,000 for the trip! That’s what we call the ripple effect of a big dream. You just never know who the dream will impact and inspire!

So… what’s one of YOUR big dreams?

Mitch Matthews

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