New Our Team


This is the BIG Dream Gathering’s very own dream team. These are the ones who make it happen.

Mitch Matthews – Chief Dream Catalyst and Co-Founder of the BIG Dream Gathering

– Scored his first dream job at the local bike shop when he was 13 years old (after stalking the bike shop owner for an entire summer!)
– Moved to England at the age of 18 to explore the country and to study American history from their perspective (think about THAT one!)
– Launched his first company at the age of 20 (it only lasted a few years but taught him a lot!)
– Spent 15 years in the corporate world (sales, corporate training and consulting)
– Started his speaking and coaching company in 2002
– “Accidentally” started the BIG Dream Gathering in his living room in 2006
– Launched the DREAM THINK DO podcast in 2014 – Rated #1 for giving your career a boost by the Huffington Post
– Fun Fact: – He’s an introvert who ironically travels the globe speaking to large groups of people
What’s one of your BIG dreams?
-Personally: I want to love my family well and help them to do more of what they were put on the planet to do!
-Professionally: I want to help launch 1 million dreams in my lifetime
-Fun one: I want to own a tricked-out Jeep Wrangler that can go anywhere I want to go!
What’s one of your favorite aspects of the BDG?
-I love to see people give themselves permission to dream.  Sometimes I’ll even see the moment when a dream hits.  You see them thinking and a grin comes over their face.  Then they start to write like crazy as that dream starts to pour out.  Yeah… I love that.
-I also love to see the connections that can play out at BDGs.  We never promise that it will happen but we’ve seen people get connected with someone who can really help them out… and when it happens everyone gets so stoked.  It’s pure awesome to see.

Lindsay Palmer – Event Director (AKA: Event Ninja)

Lindsay is wise beyond her years, a globe traveler, a list maker (and checker-offer) and an event planner aficionado.
-Before joining the dream team, I worked in politics doing event fundraising and also marketing for an engineering firm. I’ve been working with the BDG through a side hustle since I was a junior at Duquesne University in 2012.

What’s one of your BIG dreams?
-One of my big dreams came true when I was able to come on board full time with the BIG Dream Gathering.
-I knew that my dream job would involve event planning and traveling, so I love that I’m able to combine the two.
-One of my other big dreams is to be financially free before I turn 30.
What’s one of your favorite aspects of the BDG?
-For me, I landed my dream job five years after attending a BIG Dream Gathering, so it’s fun to attend these events and see how my career got started (and I didn’t even know it at the time!)
-I love seeing participants who have those “light bulb” moments, similarly to what I experienced at my first event. It’s so fun to see them excited to explore their dreams and to give them an opportunity to share their dreams with others. It’s an incredibly inspiring environment.

Bradley Seidenfeld – Video-Shooting and Story-Telling Ninja

Bradley is a creative thinker, an accomplished musician, a true visionary and the Director behind our BDG event videos.
– Graduated from IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY 2000 with a degree in Vocal Music Performance and Education
– Husband to a beautiful YOUNG wife Fallon and dad to two awesome little children
– Made living as working musician for 9 years from 2001-2010 definitely one of my dreams walked out
– Co-founded Oceanwide Studios in 2008
What’s one of your BIG dreams?
-I’m lucky enough to say that I have gotten to walk out a number of my big dreams already.  Since I’ve lately turned the big 4-0 and have completed my new beautiful family, I’ve been looking forward to what my next goals and dreams will be.  One of my next big dreams, although seemingly mundane is to punch a giant hole in the wall of my dining room, replace the hole with a beautiful glass door and put a nice deck in our lawn for my wife’s enjoyment.  If I achieve this I believe all the next pieces of my life will fall into place!!!
What’s one of your favorite aspects of the BDG?
-There are really so man aspects of BDG that I love, truly.  My favorite though hands down is the encouragement aspect. I absolutely LOVE that component to the dream sheets and LOVE even more watching people adding their support.  It’s just awesome.

Andy Fjellman – Editing and Story-Telling Ninja

Andy’s a wise sage, a true encourager, a freakishly talented musician and a master video editor who is able to take hours and hours of footage from our BDG shoots to produce a final video at the end of each event. (Seriously… he does it ALL in ONE day!)
– Received a music degree from Belmont University in Nashville, TN
– Enjoys playing a variety of instruments
– Started Oceanwide Studios with one my best friends in 2008
What’s one of your BIG dreams?
– I’m passionate about being a husband of one and father of four ladies
– I love storytelling using photos and cinema
– A big dream for me:  to travel and work in other countries with my wife and kids for weeks or months at a time
What’s one of your favorite aspects of the BDG?
– It’s moving to watch people give themselves permission to dream and to receive encouragement from others.
– Also, I love our team!