Recently, I was able to catch up with Matt DeCelles.Mitch Matthews - BIG Dream Gathering co-founder

Matt is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of William Painter.

In short… Matt has worked really hard to create his own dream job.

This 25-year-old San Diego State University grad has already launched two companies (one of which he launched while a junior in college)!

He is currently co-founder of William Painter… home of the freakishly cool titanium sunglasses that open bottles.

In this interview… you’ll hear about:

  • How Matt organizes his day!
  • How William Painter got started!
  • How Matt has developed an amazing network of amazing mentors, power brokers and freakishly cool people!
  • Some surprising strategies that it takes to make William Painter work (that anyone can use)!
  • How Matt decided to create to his own dream job… back in college… and how he took action immediately!

Find out more about Matt by visiting his website.

Find out about William Painter by clicking here.

What’s something you learned from Matt’s story?


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