When WIBW’s own Melissa Brunner came to cover the BIG Dream Gathering in Topeka, Kansas… she not only told the story of the BDG, she got into the spirit of the gathering! BIG Dream Gathering - Melissa

As she did… she posted a few of her own big dreams… including the idea of writing.

Well, here’s a fun update in her own words!

The update:

“A new adventure came to fruition this week.

The latest issue of MVP Magazine includes articles written by…. drumroll…. me!

It’s the result of a conversation I had with publisher Tara Dimick at the Big Dream Gathering. I told her I was interested in writing and we got to talking about how she recruits writers for the magazine. In a few months, we were having lunch and talking specifics about how I could get involved. Tara (and her husband) are behind both MVP, which focuses on Shawnee BIG Dream Gathering - Melissa's dreamCountyhigh school athletics and TK, which looks at Topeka‘s business community.”

To continue to read the story from Melissa’s own blog click here…

How cool is that?

Melissa’s going after one of her big dreams. What does that inspire you to do?

Plus, I love this particular big dream… because although some dreams cause major shifts in our lives… most dreams don’t. They involve a “small but significant step” here and there. Melissa didn’t quit her day job to pursue this one… but she started.

Plus, in regular BIG Dream Gathering fashion… Melissa’s big dream would up helping Tara and her team at MVP.

Pretty darn cool.

So… what does Melissa’s small but significant step inspire you to do today? Think about it and take some action.

Keep dreaming big and helping others to do the same,

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