We are so stoked for Susanna Kalnes because she’s living one of her big dreams… fo’ shizzel.

Since posting a big dream at a BIG Dream Gathering in Chicago last summer… she has been rocking it.  Literally.

Her big dream involved developing a fitness program aptly called “Chisel fo’ Shizzel.”

Over the past few months, Susanna has spoken on college campuses around the country, she’s been featured on Chicago’s own WGN (twice) and she’s continued to develop her fitness program.

Now… she has worked hard, found the right people to help her and she hit a major milestone in her BIG Dream pursuit.

She just released a FREE and awesome version of “Chisel” on YouTube.

Here’s Susanna talking about the program:

I was able to catch up with Susanna to get a big dream update.


Here the update… in her own words:


Describe how it felt to put your dream on the wall at the BIG Dream Gathering.

It felt like I was finally making a real commitment to my dream.  By writing it down and sharing it with others to see, I felt accountable to make this  happen!

Why was this dream important to you?

This dream was important to me because Chisel fo’ Shizzel is a concept and workout I created myself, from scratch.  I feel very proud of the format and what I have done to help people reach their fitness goals.  By creating videos and sharing the with the world, I took my dream to the next level.

I am so passionate about helping others find their inner and outer strength, that it feels amazing to have materialized this dream.. and I can’t wait to see what happens next with it!

What were some of the steps you had to take to accomplish this dream?

Oh goodness, everything from trademarking the brand, to working with an attorney on legal matters, to finding out rules on music licensing.  I had to master the choreography, practice on-camera cueing, select talent for the video, design a logo, launch a website, launch social media channels, and hire a production crew.

There were a lot of different steps and I learned a lot along the way, but every single thing that I crossed off my to-do list brought me closer and closer to achieving my dream.  And there’s even more to be done now!

What were some things that got in the way… and how did you push through them?

The biggest hurdles I had to overcome were understanding legal matters pertaining to my brand launch and finding out a way to use the music I wanted to for my videos.  I worked closely with several music licensing experts who guided my decision to offer my videos for free at first in order to get my brand out there to the public.  And by hiring an affordable and reputable attorney, I was able to get a thorough explanation of my legal questions and get help obtaining the proper trademark.

In summary, I found the right resources to help me in the areas I wasn’t as knowledgeable about.  I wasn’t afraid to seek help and ask questions!

What did it feel like to see the videos finally done and posted?

In one word – AMAZING.

I remember getting the first cuts from my video crew and thinking, “Am I really ready to watch this?”

The email literally sat in my inbox for two days before I opened the files!

And then – when I did – I was so very pleased with the outcome. I had a huge smile on my face for days!

I couldn’t wait to get them on YouTube and start sharing with the world!

What did this part of your journey teach you?

That any goal is obtainable, if you are willing to put in the work.

I sat on this dream for a good year before I ever started taking the steps.

Next time I have a big dream, I’m not going to waste a minute, let alone a year!


What’s next for this dream?

Next up, with the momentum I am building, I plan to share the format on a grander scale – by teaching master classes across the country, sharing the format with mass media, and creating even more videos.

I would love to make Chisel fo’ Shizzel a household name!

 How about that?

Pretty cool… right?

I hope that as you read Susanna’s story you’re inspired to think about some of your own BIG Dreams.  (And maybe… check out some of her Chisel vids to get in shape as you go after that big dream!)

Plus… Sharing is caring!

I hope you help Susanna keep moving forward on her big dream of getting “Chisel fo’ Shizzel” out to the world.  She’s wanting to help people to grow stronger on the outside AND the inside… and that’s pure awesome.

Click here to watch more videos and make sure to share them with your friends!

Click here to connect with Susanna and find out where she’s taking Chisel next!

In the meantime… keep dreaming big and making those dreams happen!

The world needs you to go for it!


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