The BIG Dream Gathering visited Bowling Green State University this week. We featured an inspiring couple who saw a need to create a space for all types of people to work on their craft or experiment with new projects. Mark and Judy Bowlus founded BiG Fab Lab with that very dream in mind.

It was evident that this maker space has thrived due to their commitment to providing an environment to inspire their community and to encourage each other as business partners and as husband and wife.

Then, we made our way to campus for our BIG Dream Gathering. It was awesome seeing people giving themselves permission to dream and supporting each other.

We can’t forget to give a shout out to our incredible partner American Family Insurance for fueling the BIG Dream Gathering and for being such a fantastic partner! We loved seeing the agents encouraging students and dreaming BIG alongside the attendees.

Until next time… keep dreaming BIG! #1milliondreams

Lindsay Palmer

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