The dream team spent some time in Eugene, Oregon this week. We began the day, as we always do, in search of good coffee. Luckily, we were featuring a dreamer who has a passion for making really good coffee.

Slightly Coffee Roasters was co-founded by Joe Harrison with the goal of creating exceptional coffee and a great customer experience. Joe didn’t always dream about having a coffee shop, but fell in love with roasting coffee and took it from there.

We then made our way to the University of Oregon to set up for our BIG Dream Gathering. It was encouraging to see strangers make connections and support each other’s dreams.

Thanks to our incredible partner American Family Insurance for fueling the BIG Dream Gathering and for being such a fantastic partner! We loved seeing the agents encouraging all the participants and dreaming BIG alongside the attendees.

Until next time… keep dreaming BIG! #1milliondreams

Lindsay Palmer

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