The BIG Dream Gathering made its way to Logan, Utah. We started our day at Logan High School with Mr. Roger C. Rigby, a photography teacher with an incredible passion for truly seeing his students.

Roger had a teacher who made such an impact on him while he was in high school, that he ended up following in his footsteps and becoming a teacher himself. He feels that he is paying it forward by now being that teacher for his own students.

Utah State University hosted our BIG Dream Gathering and blew us away with the inspired dreamers that filled the room. It was an incredible crowd and the encouragement was contagious. As attendees exited, they said how excited they were about the connections that had been made!

Thanks to our incredible partner American Family Insurance for fueling the BIG Dream Gathering and for being such a fantastic partner! We loved seeing the agents encouraging all the participants and dreaming BIG alongside the attendees.

Until next time… keep dreaming BIG! #1milliondreams

Lindsay Palmer

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  • I am a former student of Mr. Rigby’s. And because of him I am the person I am today. He once helped me produce a concert of local high school kids when I was a senior and now I have carried that experience with me hope working and doing the same thing in our nations capital in the most treasured venues in the country. Thank you Mr. Rigby.