We had an amazing BIG Dream Gathering at Purdue University!

Here’s a video to show you how we spent our day at Purdue…



We wanted to say a BIG thank you to all of our amazing volunteers at Purdue University, our campus sponsors, and to our incredible partner that made it all possible… American Family Insurance!

Until next time… keep dreaming BIG!

Lindsay Palmer

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  • Love the last line about paper being the way to go spoken by the archivist. it truly makes it real. early on in my musical dream journey, I wrote on paper the milestones I wanted to achieve along the way leading to the larger target.

    a) Get practical experience in a crowd setting every week (Led me to playing in my church’s contemporary music group)

    b) seek out my city’s best drum teacher and take lessons to refresh my skillset

    c) Get in an active band with a minimum amount of public performances

    Then challenges came with my initial band broke up due to family requirements. At that point, faith played an even bigger role to drive me to the next group….the one I play in now that’s on the fast path to bigger and more highly visible stages.

    write it down! write everything down! and place that document(s) in locations you cannot avoid many times throughout the day. it’ll keep you moving Forward.