Mitch met Mike Meyers when he participated in a BIG Dream Gathering in Chicago a few years ago.  

Mike was a total rock star and stood out from the crowd.  He posted a number of big dreams… but one in particular involved a business idea that he had. He was still a college student at the time and that helped to realize there was a need that colleges students had.  It was they need to have an easier and safer way to buy, sell and trade goods with other students on their campus.  Think of it as a campus-specific, less creepy, version of Craigslist.

Well, Mike found a group of fellow students (one was even his brother) and got to work.

 They took Mike’s big dream and clarified it into a business plan… and it started to grow from there.

Listen to Mitch’s interview to hear Mike’s inspirational story as well as to get some specific tips on getting clarity on your big idea, putting together a team and taking a leap of faith to make it happen.

Take a listen, here!

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