The BIG Dream Gathering made its way to Waverly, Iowa today. We spent our morning with a dreamer named Krista. She is the founder of an international cosmetics company called Root. She didn’t always have this dream, but saw a problem that needed to be fixed and it blossomed from there. Now she can’t believe that she gets to create products every day and loves seeing them help other people. She’s grateful that she gave herself permission to dream.

Wartburg College hosted our BIG Dream Gathering tonight. Dreaming is part of Wartburg’s DNA and it was evident in the dreamers that filled the room. ¬†We so appreciated their support and willingness to dream big!

We can’t forget to give a shout out to our incredible partner American Family Insurance for fueling the BIG Dream Gathering and for being such a fantastic partner! We loved seeing the agents dreaming BIG alongside the students and attendees.

Until next time… keep dreaming BIG! #1milliondreams

Lindsay Palmer

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